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Success Story #IP11

What you’re seeing here is the outcome of that property, which is located in one of SEQLD’s fastest-growing regions.

Success Story #IP10

It is in one of the most highly sought after regions in Australia right now and once the borders open for those in the southern states to migrate again… well, you don’t need a crystal ball to see it’s primed to maintain its trajectory for a little bit longer!

Success Story #IP9

When we first met this young couple about 18 months ago, they were in TVL – he was serving as an Army Aircrew-man and she was a civilian medical receptionist. After speaking with numerous professionals since receiving a substantial inheritance, they were frustrated with not finding a genuine connection with any of them…. Enter Axon.

Success Story #IP8

This Army Medic came to us looking to get a piece of the property market. Once she went through our coaching series she came out with the comprehensive ‘Buying Time’ Strategy and secured a property under EOI whilst she saved the remainder of her deposit.

Success Story #IP7

It’s a really great feeling to find premium investment properties for our members… but moves up a few notches when we develop a plan and strategy together that squeezes money from the ADF and the Govt for people to buy their first home to live in!

Success Story #IP6

This is what happens when you’re posted she in the RIGHT location. This week’s success story is all about a special Axon member who was looking to use her entitlements.