The Commando Approach To Property Investing

Incorporating Robbie Turner's expertise in property investment alongside his experience in the ADF, Robbie has created the Commando Approach to Property Investing.

This is a special property investment method that includes a real focus on training & mindset; real-time planning based on sound research and intelligence briefings; implementing risk management strategies before we need them and only working with the very best partners and associates.

About Axon Property Group

Imagine if property investment was taught in school. You would be in a different financial situation now if you were, right? We are here to provide you with a commando approach to teach you the skills to not only buy your first investment property, but to also continue to grow your portfolio, setting up your financial future for success.

Property Investing Services

Whether you're a beginner or an experienced property investor, we can help guide and mentor you through your property investment journey with support through all aspects of the process. We offer free property education webinars, as well as one-on-one property coaching to help clarify your personal situation and make a plan to achieve your goals.

Let's Connect

 Time for some guidance? Let's explore your finances and define your goals based on your current situation. You're welcome to get in contact with us for a free 10-minute consultation call to identify where you are right now and whether you are ready to begin investing in property, or ready for your next property!

Looking to invest in property, or want to make your current portfolio more profitable? Before you make a move, invest in your education FIRST!

Our Property Investment Coach, Robbie Turner, served our country for almost 24 years in the Army and became a self-confessed property investment enthusiast since 2004. He has gained experience over the years through highs and lows and has built up a level of expertise specifically with using ADF housing entitlements and using parts of his superannuation.

He's helped hundreds of property investors make informed decisions about their financial futures - what can he do for your property investing journey?

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