ADF Housing Investment Property:
Success Story #20

Geordian (RAAF Officer) and Mel are both Pharmacists and CrossFit enthusiasts. They had already completed building their first investment property with us and they wanted to pull the trigger on their ADF housing entitlements whilst in their current posting location – what you’re seeing here is the outcome of that project!

The Planning Process:

We quickly pivoted the plan to have them purchase their own home (aka PPOR) near RAAF AMB by combining $11K HPAS, $25K HomeBuilder Grant, $15K QLD FHOG and a DHOAS loan! That’s over $50K of free money and a subsidised loan for years to come. 

Investment Property Success Story Details:

  • Handover date: July 2021
  • Purchase price: $569K
  • Comparable properties now selling for $700K+

What Now?

Once this ADF couple gets posted, they can turn this property into their second investment and start having someone else pay the mortgage for them (the tenants!), commence getting tax deductions, whilst maintaining their DHOAS subsidy! The rent they’ll likely achieve could be approx. $500+pw. 

As you’ll note from the images, this block is set amongst many houses that are already complete. It’s what we call an ‘infill block’. We found it for them from our contacts in the industry.

As you’d expect, Geordian and Mel are stoked with the outcome of going ahead with this property and being in receipt of their ADF and Govt entitlements. That’s our job for you – put a plan together that fits your situation and, when the time and place is right, squeeze every dollar that you’re entitled to. 

Now Geordian and Mel have a property portfolio worth almost $1.5mil and their net position is approx. $350K in front. A lot CAN change since 2019… and what a wonderful future this couple have in front of them. 

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