ADF Housing Investment Property: Success Story #22

Welcome to our latest ADF Housing Success Story. This is not just business providing services to clients – it’s a story of mates helping mates! 

Andrew and Zoe first came to us in April 2020 wanting to work with a team that they could build a relationship with to get the best outcomes. They were sitting on a decent amount of cash and their money habits were pretty good. I remember clearly that Andrew insisted he just wanted to get a property coaching firm on his team that he could ‘trust’.
Andrew has done almost 20 years in the Army and Zoe was a trainee Nurse. What you’re seeing is the outcome of their first investment property. The region is one of Australia’s fastest-growing regions and it’s located directly across from a massive, brand new park that’s under construction.
What you’re seeing here is the outcome of IP 2. We built this with them in a high-growth area of NSW (in between Sydney and Newcastle).

Investment Property Success Story Details:

  • Purchase price:$489,900
  • Expected rent: $480pw
  • Comparable packages are now selling for approx. $650K!!
  • Actual rent achieved: $550pw! (this will go up to around $600pw in a few months!)
This is a terrace home. No body corporate, free-hold land and build. I really like the design, especially with the internal courtyard.
After spending so much time in lockdown in Melbourne over the last couple of years, the completion of their first investment property was a positive thing for Andrew and Zoe.
With such positive numbers and an ongoing solid outlook for the market in their chosen location, this property has set the platform for their future wealth plans.
It’s funny really, even with some bumps in the road with delays in the build process, the trust that Andrew and Zoe placed in the Axon process helped them achieve this awesome result. That trust and rapport has also spilled over into Andrew and Zoe not just being Axon clients – they’re friends of the whole team!

Let us know what you think of this success story.

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