ADF Housing Investment Property: Success Story #26

Hanna came to us in Nov ‘20 to put a plan in place to get started in the property market. She was (and still is) posted to Wagga Wagga, as an RI at Kapooka.

Obviously, she did not want to buy a property there, so we put a plan in place to have her acquire an investment property in a high growth area.

The good news is that she is still able to use her ADF housing entitlements in the future, to buy her own home. Importantly, just because she decided to buy an investment property first, she does not lose her ADF and Govt entitlements. (We get asked about this every other week, so please take note!)

I have included where within the master-planned community the property is located, as well as an example of the detail we provide when showing a client their property (drone images etc). Naturally, all of the houses are now complete in the street and it’s not a dust bowl anymore!

Investment Property Success Story Details:

  • Purchase price: $484K (full turnkey, with ducted a/c)
  • Expected rent: $400 pw
  • Land settlement: May 2021
  • Build complete: Nov 2021
  • Comparable packages are now selling for approx. $620K!
  • Actual rent achieved: $460 pw!


I love the quality, finish and overall appeal of this house. The pendant lights in the kitchen just make it feel like an owner-occupied home – not ‘just an investment’. The willingness of any investor to include decent fixtures and fittings is paramount.

You want your tenant to love living in your house – and they will only do that if you build a premium house for them.

Understandably, Hanna is stoked with this house. She loves the extra rent and the amount of capital growth from the initial purchase places her in the box seat to grow her portfolio based on the equity and extra cash flow that this first project has created for her! Let us know what you think of this property and Hanna’s success story.

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