Success Story


Tia and Josiah came to us in December 2019. They were posted to Darwin, and whilst they were looking to get into the property market, they knew buying in Darwin would not suit their needs. The initial plan we created for them was to acquire their first investment property.

After clearing some consumer debt, they had modest savings left for a deposit and costs. Even with Josiah doing a deployment, they were still staring down the barrel of not getting started for the next couple of years. Not ideal, but ‘it is what it is!’. 

Fast forward to August 2020 -> we had a subsequent coaching session with them… bingo!

A posting to Brisbane was inbound, which was a game-changer for them. They immediately knew it would be an opportunity to pull the trigger on their ADF and Govt housing entitlements.

We quickly pivoted the plan to have them purchase their own home (aka PPOR) near Enoggera by incorporating $11K HPAS, $15K QLD FHOG and the brand new $25K Govt. HomeBuilder Grant (HBG). That’s over $50K of grants in one hit.

  • Site start: Nov 2021
  • Key handover: Sept 2022 (including 86 days of construction delays)
  • Purchase price: $615K
  • Comparable packages are now selling for approx. $850K!

As you’ll note from the images of the site plan, even with a modest 350m2 block, because they ‘built up’, they still have approx 120m2 of backyard space. Perfect for their young family!

As you’d seen from the interview I did with Tia, she and Josiah are stoked about the opportunity of going ahead with this property. One thing is very likely – Josiah will post away from Brisbane at some stage. 

This house was never built as their ‘forever home’ – it was always a means to an end to kick start their portfolio.

I am doing a hot-wash of the build process with them shortly. With this property’s capital growth (and resultant equity), we will put a plan in place so they can roll straight into IP#1.