Success Story


Mr. D is in the RAAF, posted to Brisbane in his early 40’s, with 7 years of ADF service under his belt. He first came to us in Feb 2021 seeking ‘knowledge around property investment to enable him to make better financial decisions that will future proof his long term goals’. I’d say that summarises what we do best!

Previous to Defence, he had priortised his successful career in the aviation industry. By his own admission, now is the time to focus on securing his future. Mr. D came to us with a good bunch of savings, which demonstrates a great money mindset and enduring money habits.

What you’re seeing here is the outcome of his first brand new investment property.

* Purchase price: $552K (FULL turn key package)
* Site startt: March 2022
* Key handover: December 2022
* Expected rent at EOI: $520pw
* Actual rent: $660pw (it only took 7 days to find tenants!)
* Comparable properties a few streets away are now selling for approx. $730K

This floor plan is one of the most popular, it’s little wonder the property was snapped up very quickly. The property is located in one of SEQLD’s fastest growing regions, outside of Brisbane. We adopted this strategy so Mr. D can keep living under his RA arrangement.

He recently did an end-of-build-coaching session with us and we have put a plan in place for him to use the equity and extra rental income from the property to consider launching into IP#2.

Fast forward 10 years, I know Mr. D will be stoked that he sought out coaching and knowledge that allowed him to make better decisions, way back in 2023.

He’s a great bloke that is well on his way to future proofing his future!

Let us know what you think of this property and this success story.