Success Story


Dan first came to Axon in May ‘21. He’s an ADG operator posted to RAAF Amberley, in his mid 20’s.

When we asked him how he thinks Axon can help him, he replied with, “Due to their impressive reputation, I strongly believe that Axon can assist me throughout the entire house building process. From enabling me to optimise the use of both ADF and Government grants and providing informed guidance throughout the whole process. I am wanting to invest in the property market to create wealth, and I believe Axon will be able to help me achieve this”

Challenge Accepted!

With about $30K of savings under his belt, incorporating the various grants, and taking advantage of doing things the Axon way was a no-brainer to get Dan started. These included: $15K QLD FHOG, ~$11K HPAS, ~$5K of stamp duty exemption, ~$10K of LMI savings… all of this with ~$500pm of DHOAS credits paid directly onto the mortgage.

What you’re seeing here is the outcome of Dan’s first brand new home:

* Purchase price: $475K (FULL turn key package)
* Site start: March 2022
* Key handover: Oct 2022 (zero construction delays)
* Comparable properties a few streets away are now selling for approx. $630K

The floor plan is functional and the fixtures and fittings are really nice. As you’ll see from the photos, Dan decided to lay artificial turf around the sides and across the back yard. It looks mint and this will provide years of a perfect surface with no maintenance.

At the end of this year, Dan will move out of the property to either separate from the ADF; or be posted to another location (various options still on the table). This key event will see this PPOR transition into IP#1, whereby he will start receiving ~$550pw in rent and all of the tax benefits that come with owning an investment property. Including the ongoing DHOAS, that’ll be 3 forms of income!

As you can see from the image of us standing out the front of his house, and his review I have provided in the images, Dan is stoked with this outcome. What he wanted from us – we delivered.

Let us know what you think of this property and the success story!