Success Story

SUCCESS STORY of a Double-RAAF Couple

Similar to last week’s success story, if you have been following us for a while, you have met Dan and Libby before. Please join me in saying hi again! 👋

As a double-RAAF couple with 2 kids under 10yo, we helped them build their own home when they were posted to RAAF WLM back in 2021. That property has already been turned into an investment property, sitting pretty in a very 💎 solid market. The tenants and tax man have been paying the majority of that mortgage. P.S. That property has grown in value by approx. $300K…

As part of the regular coaching sessions we do, based on the growth of IP#1, we put a 📝 plan together for Dan and Libby to acquire IP#2 to keep progressing towards their goals. With the assistance of Deb, the Mortgage Broker (most of you know and love her!), they accessed equity from IP#1 for the deposit and costs to make this happen.

What you’re seeing here is the outcome of their second investment property:
* Purchase price: $713K (4/2/2 house, FULL turnkey)
* Start of construction: July 2023
* Key handover: Dec 2023 (zero construction delays)
* Bank valuation (yesterday): $848K (understandably, Dan and Libby are very happy!)
* Rental income: $640pw (only 3 days to find tenants, a few days before Xmas)

This property is located in a massive master-planned community in SEQLD. This location has grown a LOT over the years. We helped our first clients get in there 🚪 in 2018 for only ~$500K. Personally, I would NOT be selling a property in this location as there is still a huge amount of infrastructure to be installed, along with really strong and ongoing population growth.

Once interest rates come down, there is no doubt we shall 💉 inject that into Dan and Libby’s plan as we create an opportunity for them to acquire another property.
The one thing I know for sure is this: their future selves will be so happy they have been wise with their wealth creation in the here and now.

Tell us what you think of this success story 😊