Success Story

SUCCESS STORY of a RAAF member and nurse

I reckon you’ll love this success story…the willingness of this couple to express how they wanted their journey to eventuate is impactful – read on, I have included a fair bit of their own words…

Reece and Ash came to us in Sept 2022. Reece is in the RAAF and Ash is a Nurse, with their 2yo son. Living in Canberra in a MQ, they had a good amount of cash ready for the deposit and costs for an investment property 🏡. (Previously, they had a failed attempt at making inroads with property by buying and selling in the Townsville market).

They had also been talking to other property groups, seeking someone they could trust and have a beneficial relationship with 🤝. In their own words: “My wife and I engaged with Axon, as we wanted to start a property portfolio. Having no experience within the property rental game and feeling a bit uneasy if it was for us, we sought out SME knowledge from multiple organisations that preached a road to success 🎉.”

As part of our military-style planning, one of Reece and Ash’s 10 year goals was our son: Will be taking out the rubbish, packing the dishwasher and cleaning up both the dog 🐶 and cat poo 😺. Once closer to 10 and trust worthy around sharp spinning objects, lawn mowing and whipper snipping will be added. We still giggle about this now!

Take a look at this outstanding property, the photos are stunning!

* Purchase price: $705K (337m2 block, 179m2 house, FULL turnkey)
* Start of construction: July 2023
* Key handover: Mar 2024 (NIL build delays, except Xmas shutdown)
* Rental income: $610pw (3 days to find tenants!)
* Recent bank valuation: $800K (this ain’t Townsville!)

The size and scale of this master-planned community in SEQ is unmatched. The population growth and ongoing infrastructure projects will ensure there are years and years of growth 📈.


Let us know what you think of this property and the success story!