Success Story


It’s a well-known fact that the ADF is majority male. As such, our clients (who are not in a relationship) are mainly males. However, This success story is for an amazing, strong, independent Army woman.


Around mid-2022, I received a phone call from an old mate (one of the diggers from my SNCO days in TVL in 2003 – he is a WO2 now). He wanted to put me in touch with one of his Corporals who was looking to enter the property market. I sent him the link for our ADF property training videos, and told him she had to watch these first…


I recall from the first Zoom session with Belinda in July 2022 that she would be awesome to coach. She’s smart, no-BS and motivated to succeed. My type of human! Belinda was living in Darwin, with a posting order to Toowoomba in Jan 2023. She had excellent money habits that provided her sizeable cash holdings to buy her own home (PPOR) and pull the trigger on her ADF and Govt housing entitlements.


In her own words: “Axon Property Group can help me by providing support and guidance through the process of selecting and securing my first home. Ensuring I make the most out of any ADF or civilian benefits and helping to minimise financial risks.”


During the coaching series, we always explore alternative COAs – every planning session should! Interestingly, it became apparent that Belinda would be better off living in ADF-subsidised housing in Toowoomba, and she could buy an investment property instead. Belinda approved this COA and we crossed the LD with a combined focus!


Take a look at this outstanding property, the photos are stunning!

Purchase price: $591K (4/2/2 house, FULL turnkey)
Start of construction: July 2023
Key handover: Feb 2024
Same land and build value now: ~$650K+


This house is located in a booming area of SEQLD that has decades of sustained and low-risk growth on the horizon. No wonder she’s stoked with her actions over the last couple of years!


Fast forward to now, Belinda may be promoted to SNCO at the end of the year (which she has worked very hard for!) and she’ll be posted to TVL or DAR. The tempo and work focus will certainly be different in those locations, and she’s ready for the challenge!


Let us know what you think of this property and the success story!