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How do you use your ADF Housing Entitlements?

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Robbie Turner, the Founder and Managing Director of Axon Property Group served 24 years in the Australian Defence Force.  He considers himself an expert on how to properly use your ADF housing entitlements. “I specialise in teaching you how to not only buy your own home but also how to invest in property so you can grow your portfolio as you move from posting to posting. I’ve coached hundreds of ADF clients over the last few years; and all of them say to me that they wish there was more information about how to use your ADF housing entitlements”.

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Whilst Robbie joined the Army as a solider, he spent the last 10 years as a Special Forces Officer.  As such, he has developed the 'Commando Approach to Property Investing'.  This is based on a series of special case studies on how and when to use your ADF housing entitlements to gain maximum benefit.  As you might already know, your HPSEA, DHOAS and HPAS entitlements all revolve around you being able to buy your own home, when you are in your current posted locality. That is all well and good as long as you have used those entitlements under the right market conditions and at the right time. Leaving your current posting locality for the next one might raise the following questions:

  1. What happens to the property when I move to my next posting locality?
  2. How can I turn this property into an investment property?
  3. How do I ensure proper cash flow?
  4. How do I find and secure the right tenants that will look after the property?
  5. How do I enact the right tax strategies, including depreciation deductions?
  6. How do I incorporate this property into my tax return?
  7. How can I use my ADF housing entitlements at my next posting locality?

Robbie specialise in helping ADF members secure their financial future. Contact Axon Property Group to implement the Commando Approach to Property Investing for you today.