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Are you or your partner an ADF Member or Veteran? Learn how to make the most of your entitlements.

If you're not aware of how you could be using your Australian Defence Force Housing entitlements and parts of your ADF superannuation to invest in property, then read on!

The difference between a great investor and a bad investor is simply education.  Axon Property, your defence investment educators. 

We've built Axon Property Group to help educate and inspire Australian Defence Force (ADF) and ex-ADF members to utilise their entitlements correctly to invest in property and ultimately set up their financial future successfully.

Our Property Investment Trainer, Robbie Turner, served our country for almost 24 years in the Army and became a self-confessed property investment enthusiast since 2004. He has gained experience over the years through highs and lows and has built up a level of expertise specifically with using Australian Defence Force Housing entitlements and using parts of his superannuation.

He's helped hundreds of defence property investors make informed decisions about their financial futures - what can he do for you?

We welcome you to join one of our property investment webinars and educate yourself on:

  • Understanding the investor mindset
  • The Australian property market
  • Finance, cashflow & loan structuring
  • How your Australian Defence Force Housing entitlements entitlements can be used to invest
  • Building a property portfolio, or how to make yours more profitable
  • The importance of property selection and research

We will help to provide you with a tried and proven system designed to grow your wealth and improve your future outlook.

What To Expect From The Webinar

Get Your Axons Firing!

Being a successful property investor is all about your mindset. By this we mean, identifying what stage of your wealth creation you’re at; knowing what the future will look like if you are not investing; acknowledge what’s been holding you back; as well as learning about risk management strategies BEFORE you even start looking for your property!

Your ADF Housing Entitlements

This section is not just about using your ADF housing entitlements to buy your own home. As well as outlining what your ADF housing entitlements are, I will show you a case study of how to use them; and most importantly when to use them.  When you get this right, it will project your property portfolio to becoming a property investor (and not just a home owner).

Location - 7 Key Ingredients Of A Healthy Market

Have you ever noticed that history tends to repeat itself and trends from yesteryear continue to appear in the here and now?  Based on historical trends, If we can identify an upcoming market cycle, this will give us the best chance to buy at the right time and maximise capital growth. Every investor must know the 7 key ingredients of buying in the right location - at the right time!

Strategy - How To Build A Multi-million Dollar, Positive Cash Flow Portfolio!

This is where we implement all of the preparatory work in previous stages.  I’ll teach you how to successfully leverage OPM (Other People’s Money); manage risk, whilst growing a sustainable property portfolio to achieve all of your financial goals.

Property Selection - What Type Of Property Should You Acquire?

If we have all of the pre-requisite steps in order, then this is the exciting bit - going shopping! That said, we must acquire the right type of property.  By this I mean - old vs new, apartment vs house, residential vs commercial etc.  My philosophy in this regard has 2 extremely important pillars: (1) reducing risk; and (2) maximising cashflow. You get these right and you’ll benefit the most!

Finance - How To Play The Game Of Property Investing

An investor can have all the intent to start and/or grow their portfolio. However, if the numbers do not stack up then acquiring a property is not going to happen! The rule book of property investing is owned by the banks. To play any game really well, you must understand the rules… This section involves types of loans, key jargon of the finance stage and how to manage cash flow.

"By going into property investing blindfolded you're taking a risk and increasing the likelihood of making a mistake which could cost you thousands in the years to come."

Robbie Turner, Property Investment Coach & Managing Director


Robbie Turner Property Coach Axon Property Group

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