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Success Story #IP14

This is something we have NEVER done before – showcase 3 x client stories in the ONE. They are all serving ADF members that are now living in their own homes in Brisbane (aka PPOR).

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Axons Unleashed: Hear Robbie’s 3-Part ADF Story

Join us on Axons Unleashed to kick things off with a three-part story spanning Robbie’s career joining the Australian Defence Force and surviving basic training.

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Success Story #IP13

This couple is made up of a RAEME member at Enoggera, and she was a Centre Manager in the Northern suburbs of Brisbane. They first reached out to Axon in July 2020. They had a good amount of capital set aside to commence investing in property after being smart with their money habits over the preceding years.

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Success Story #IP12

There is a regular saying in the Axon office, “The tail doesn’t wag the dog!” – for us that means that your ADF entitlements (HPAS and DHOAS) aren’t the strategy drivers, rather they are just a supporting element. Find out why!