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Success Story #IP5

This week’s success story is about a couple that initially made contact with us 2 years ago. Back then they were looking down the barrel of saving their hearts out for the next two years alone, just to be able to buy their own home in the NEXT posting. Would they have done it? Absolutely. Was there a way to get better results? Without a doubt.

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Success Story #IP4

This week’s success story focuses in on some Axon members that came to us in the height of COVID uncertainty, wanting to put a plan together and enter the property market.

can i use hpas and hpsea at the same time

Can I Use HPAS & HPSEA at The Same Time?

Can I use HPAS and HPSEA at the same time? It’s one of the common questions that we receive so we’ve summarised it for you.

housing entitlements dhoas

How Much DHOAS Am I Entitled To?

Do you understand your ADF housing entitlements including DHOAS, HPAS and HPSEA? It is important you know what they are, and how to use them.

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Meet The Team – Tami

Our amazing Co-Founder & General Manager Tamara stopped by to answer some questions about herself this week.

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Meet The Team – Jane

We’re catching up with Jane, our fearless Build Support Manager. She’s an expert in managing the ENTIRE build process on behalf of our Axon clients in order to make the journey as stress free & enjoyable as possible.