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Axons Unleashed: Hear Robbie's 3-Part Career Journey

Join us over on Axons Unleashed to kick things off with a three-part story spanning Robbie’s career joining the Australian Defence Force and surviving basic training. Find out what started Robbie’s love for Defence and his passion for securing the financial freedom of ADF members through property investment.

#19 – Robbie’s Kapooka Experience as a 17 year old

Kicking things off with a three-part story spanning Robbie, Dan and Dane’s careers joining the Australian Defence Force and surviving basic training. Subscribe and join us on these epic stories of mateship, tears, inspiration and damn hard work here on Axons Unleashed!

#20 – A Sliding Doors Moment That Could Have Changed Everything… 

Continuing on from the last episode, we find ourselves smack-bang in the middle of RT’s military career as he begins to take his first steps towards becoming an officer. Join Robbie as he recounts more of his time in the Military with fellow commissioned Officer Dane and the GM of Axon, Tamara, on this week’s episode of Axons Unleashed.


#21 – Turn Left into the Officers Mess

And here we are, the final episode of the journey that has been Robbie’s re-telling of a 24 year military career. In this episode, learn how Robbie became Captain Turner and eventually Major Turner! Joining him again we have Tamara, Dan and Dane as they also tell their tales with some hilarious and inspiring stories. 


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