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What Is New To Property Investment in Australia Right Now?

Property investment is a risky business. You can’t always predict the future and sometimes things don’t always turn out as planned. But that’s part of the thrill for some investors. And yet, even if the moderate risk in property investment thrills you, wisdom still dictates you MUST research trends and plan your next move. After…

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Home-Equity Loan form and documents on a table.

What You Need to Know Before Using Equity For Property Investment

There are several benefits to home loans, such as making it easy and affordable to buy a home even when the market isn’t great. But there are risks involving property investment, and one of them is equity loans. Home loans have always been thought to appear riskier when equity is involved. The classic scenario is raising…

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property investor type

What type of Property investor are you?

Take a look in the mirror… There’s no doubt about it even when I go to barbecues, I’m really fascinated by the different types of people that want to get into the property market. So I guess what I’m talking about here is understanding what type of investor you are. We certainly got the average…

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mortgage trap

Are you already stuck in a 30 year mortgage trap?

You know what? There’s so many young Australians right now busting their arse trying to get into the Australian property market to just slug away at their mortgage for the next 30 years. What’s this known as  – “The Great Australian Dream”. I call it the Great Australian Myth! This ‘dream’ is based on you…

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healthy property market

The 7 Ingredients to a Healthy Property Market

I will always advocate that ‘good property investors don’t just buy property, they buy TIME!’ However, whilst we are in the ‘accumulation phase’ of our investment journey, we also need our properties to go up in value as soon as possible, to keep growing our portfolio. That means we need to carefully select the location…

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Where To Invest text with business woman using a tablet

7 Property Investment Strategies to Avoid at All Costs

Are you a property investor feeling like you’re getting nowhere? Or are you new to the industry in need of guidance? Property investors often fail due to a lack of solid property investment strategies. Worse still, they spend time and money focusing on the wrong investments. Success often comes after many trials and errors. But…

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Property for sale and rent in Australia concept, 3D rendering

The Top Predictions For the Australian Property Market

It’s been long said that property is the best investment. And despite dips in the global economy, that remains (mostly) true. But things move fast in the Australian property market. If you want to be successful, you’re going to stay on top of the trends. In this article, we’re taking a look at where the market…

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dice diversification of assets investments

What is your meaning of Diversification?

Clients often ask about diversifying their portfolio. They feel once they have a couple of properties they should move to shares, cash, bonds or something else. I agree you should mitigate risk by implementing a diversification element to your portfolio. But here is one of the reasons why I do not like to branch off…

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man sitting back the money is coming in as he just sits back and waits on time

What Do Good Property Investors Buy?

A thought-provoking question I ask the attendees of my webinars is to always complete the sentence:  “Good property investors don’t just buy property, they buy…” [Tweet “What Do Good Property Investors Buy?”] The answers always vary between: “They buy assets, freedom, options, choices, cash flow and feeling good about what they are doing in their…

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short term long term

Long Term Investment in Property

If you are hesitant to enter the property investment arena, looking at long term investment will give you the most peace of mind. There are several ways to invest in property, one of the riskier ways is real estate trading (or flipping), and this is what you will want to avoid. When you have long…

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