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The Top Predictions For the Australian Property Market

Property for sale and rent in Australia concept, 3D rendering

It’s been long said that property is the best investment. And despite dips in the global economy, that remains (mostly) true. But things move fast in the Australian property market. If you want to be successful, you’re going to stay on top of the trends. In this article, we’re taking a look at where the market…

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Is your Money Working for you?

man pushing wheelborrow with massive coin

I want to continue to share with you some of the tips and tricks that I have learned over the last 10 years of being a successful property investor so you can continue to benefit from those as well. [Tweet ““It would be better to have your money working for you as opposed to just…

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What You Should Know About Home loan refinance deals

words mortgage refinance home

Several households will need to consider refinancing their mortgages this year. Unfortunately, many do not pick the right financing for their situation. If they choose the correct mortgage from the start they will avoid the extra costs and penalties involved with refinancing. If you’re taking the plunge to refinance your home loan, a low interest…

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What is your meaning of Diversification?

dice diversification of assets investments

Clients often ask about diversifying their portfolio. They feel once they have a couple of properties they should move to shares, cash, bonds or something else. I agree you should mitigate risk by implementing a diversification element to your portfolio. But here is one of the reasons why I do not like to branch off…

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Do you know what ‘rent-vesting’ is?

Buy or Rent

Rentvesting is when you purchase a property as an investment and you rent it out to a tenant rather than live in it yourself. There are some great advantages and some risks involved with this type of investing. According to David F. Smith what it boils down is to is whether you chose the correct…

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What Do Good Property Investors Buy?

man sitting back the money is coming in as he just sits back and waits on time

A thought-provoking question I ask the attendees of my webinars is to always complete the sentence:  “Good property investors don’t just buy property, they buy…” [Tweet “What Do Good Property Investors Buy?”] The answers always vary between: “They buy assets, freedom, options, choices, cash flow and feeling good about what they are doing in their…

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How do you use your ADF Housing Entitlements?

words about investment in property roi captital gain

Robbie Turner, the Founder and Managing Director of Axon Property Group served 24 years in the Australian Defence Force.  He considers himself an expert on how to properly use your ADF housing entitlements. “I specialise in teaching you how to not only buy your own home but also how to invest in property so you…

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Long Term Investment in Property

short term long term

If you are hesitant to enter the property investment arena, looking at long term investment will give you the most peace of mind. There are several ways to invest in property, one of the riskier ways is real estate trading (or flipping), and this is what you will want to avoid. When you have long…

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Hope for First Time Buyers

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Buying your first home can seem like an impossibility but that is not necessarily the case. “While record high house prices across most of the country have meant the great Australian dream of property ownership has remained just that, there is hope on the horizon. With news from the government’s recent budget announcement that first…

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When to Refinance An Investment Property

hands holding house

For the most part, the decision to refinance an investment property is a viable one if you’re looking to get funds for purchasing another property or renovating your current portfolio. As a property owner, you have different ways to access equity that your property has accumulated. Used properly, this equity can help you to achieve the different…

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