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Property Investment: Factors to Consider

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There are several factors to take into consideration when you plan on investing in property. If you decide to take on a loan to fund your investment, the following questions will come up: Do I have enough saved for a down payment? Can I afford the monthly fees involved in taking on a loan? Will…

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5 Helpful Overseas Property Investment Tips in Australia

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Are you interested in purchasing property overseas in 2017? There are a few things you need to consider when going outside of your own country to buy property. You may face a few initial obstacles because buying overseas can cause some problems to arise. As the global real estate market continues to thrive, we are…

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Should You Invest in Property in Regional Australia?

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Reports show an increase in house and unit values in some regional areas. This offers investors an opportunity to look at more affordable investments. The Gold Coast, in particular, is showing rapid growth. The Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, and Noosa are now seeing more rapid value growth than Brisbane. “It seems as though much of…

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7 Facts About the Australian Property Market

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Are you a homeowner living in Australia and looking to sell your home? Or maybe you are an Australian investor interested in the real estate market? If you’re unfamiliar or new to the Australian property market, there are several important facts that you should be aware of. Keep reading for 7 facts now. The Australian…

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