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The bank of Mum and Dad [ADF Members] Transcription: As a young defence member who wants to use a property asset class to start securing your financial future now, this might be a bit of a look into the future for you. If you’re an ADF member, you have been for the last six and half years, and say you’re on $73,000…

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ADF Housing Entitlements – DHOAS, HPAS & HPSEA

Defence Housing Entitlements As we come from an ADF background, hopefully you can concede that this makes us uniquely placed to discuss the special ADF housing entitlements that you are eligible to receive. These are loosely grouped into two categories – ‘assistance to purchase’ (HPAS/HPSEA) and ‘assistance to repay the loan’ (DHOAS). Now, let’s have…

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How do you use your ADF Housing Entitlements?

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Robbie Turner, the Founder and Managing Director of Axon Property Group served 24 years in the Australian Defence Force.  He considers himself an expert on how to properly use your ADF housing entitlements. “I specialise in teaching you how to not only buy your own home but also how to invest in property so you…

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