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Axons Unleashed Podcast

This podcast will get your Axons fired up by our hosts Robbie, Tamara, Dan and Dane as they uncover the untold truths of what it really takes to successfully transition from the ADF, how to build a multi-million-dollar property portfolio, how to start a business as a Veteran entrepreneur and how to more effectively communicate with your partner… while optimising your personal performance in every aspect of your life.

Axons Unleashed Podcast

Axons Unleashed Podcast: Finding Your Best Life After Transition

This week on Axons Unleashed RT is joined by Karl Schwantes, an Army Officer Veteran & a leader in the jewellery world. They caught up for a chat to discuss successful transitions, finding your way in business and helping others achieve their goals.

Axons Unleashed Podcast

Axons Unleashed Podcast: From Brazil To East Timor With Fran Israel

Fran sits down with RT and Tamara to share her story of leaving Brazil to study in Australia, all the way to being a military spouse in East Timor with her young son.

Be sure to listen for plenty of laughs, insights and incredible stories from the Axon team.