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Property Investment Finance

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1. Should I go directly to the bank or should I go through a mortgage broker for my finance? Property investment has lots of pieces to the puzzle. Location, type of property, new vs old… the list goes on, but by far the most important piece of the property investment purchase puzzle, is of course…

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Is your equity a way to access hidden wealth?

Home equity

You don’t have to pay off your home loan before you start investing in property. Equity is a powerful resource but you will need to have your property valued by the bank first, to make sure you have enough ‘usable’ equity to start investing in a property portfolio For many Australians, an investment property is…

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Is your Money Working for you?

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I want to continue to share with you some of the tips and tricks that I have learned over the last 10 years of being a successful property investor so you can continue to benefit from those as well. [Tweet ““It would be better to have your money working for you as opposed to just…

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What You Should Know About Home loan refinance deals

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Several households will need to consider refinancing their mortgages this year. Unfortunately, many do not pick the right financing for their situation. If they choose the correct mortgage from the start they will avoid the extra costs and penalties involved with refinancing. If you’re taking the plunge to refinance your home loan, a low interest…

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When to Refinance An Investment Property

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For the most part, the decision to refinance an investment property is a viable one if you’re looking to get funds for purchasing another property or renovating your current portfolio. As a property owner, you have different ways to access equity that your property has accumulated. Used properly, this equity can help you to achieve the different…

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