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Housing Entitlements

As a member of the ADF, you could be eligible for all kinds of assistance to purchase your own home! As we come from both a property investment and ADF background, we’re in a unique position to discuss the special ADF Housing Entitlements that you are eligible to receive. These are loosely grouped into two categories – ‘assistance to purchase’ (HPAS/HPSEA) and ‘assistance to repay the loan’ (DHOAS).


Big Changes to DHOAS

Boosting DHOAS for ADF members and Veterans. Understand what’s new and what changes. Everything you need to know about the DHOAS 2023 expansion.

ADF Basic Training

The Commandos Guide to ADF Basic Training

Want an insider’s look into ADF basic training? With over a decade of experience in the Australian Army as a Commando, hear it straight from Robbie Turner’s mouth.

DHOAS Subsidy Certificate

A Guide to DHOAS Subsidy Certificates

In terms of DHOAS, your subsidy certificates are proof of your eligibility to take out your all-important home loan.


DHOAS Tiers & Rates

Find out your eligible subsidy tier and rates of DHOAS Australia. Everything you need to know about DHOAS, lump sum option and pro tips!


Everything There is to Know About DHOAS

The Defence Housing Ownership Assistance Scheme was designed to incentivise members to stay in the ADF and help to purchase property sooner – here’s everything you need to know about