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Housing Entitlements

As a member of the ADF, you could be eligible for all kinds of assistance to purchase your own home! As we come from both a property investment and ADF background, we’re in a unique position to discuss the special ADF Housing Entitlements that you are eligible to receive. These are loosely grouped into two categories – ‘assistance to purchase’ (HPAS/HPSEA) and ‘assistance to repay the loan’ (DHOAS).

can i use hpas and hpsea at the same time

Can I Use HPAS & HPSEA At The Same Time?

Can I use HPAS and HPSEA at the same time? It’s one of the common questions that we receive so we’ve summarised it for you.

the bank of mum and dad

The Bank of Mum and Dad: Case Study

ADF Members: Are you saving for a property, but it seems to be taking forever? Find out how you might be able to get ahead sooner using our funding methods.

step by step the commando property method

The Commando Property Method

What exactly is The Commando Property Method? Learn how having a proper plan & coaching can lead you to success.

is your money working for you

Is Your Money Working for You?

If there was a way to turn your money into more money, would you do it? Learn how you can make the most of your money and succeed with investing.