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We are a Veteran-owned and operated business, working to empower the Defence Community to secure their financial future through property, by helping them to understand their unique housing entitlements. 

We provide education, coaching and mentoring throughout the entire property acquisition process, from strategy and finance through project management of the build. So far, we have helped hundreds of families build properties, injecting more than $180 million dollars back into the Defence Community. 

Of our 9 Veterans in the business, we have a combined 100 years of service. We also have over 80 years of property experience. 

I’m sure you’d agree, this makes Axon Australia’s most elite property coaching business that specialises in helping the ADF Community. We know your unique ADF circumstances. We know how to help you.

Having an experienced mentor on side in order for you to reach your financial freedom is imperative. Our team of experienced Property Coaches are here to provide you with a personalised property pathway plan. 

Our Property Coaches will provide on-going education and coaching for our clients throughout their journey –  by using their expertise and sharing the potential pitfalls of investment with you. From mortgage planning, property management, insurance and risk management. They don’t just advise you when to buy and sell your properties – they compliment the entire process and help you to consider everything that goes into property investment along the way to help protect your investments and make your money work the hardest it can for you.

All clients go through the same tested and successful process:

The Axon Journey

  1. Property market education through exclusive free online training
  2. Creation of a personalised property pathway by one of the Property Coaches
  3. Financing review and cash flow with a mortgage broker
  4. Selecting property type and location
  5. Project Supervision throughout the build process
  6. Support with essential services (Property Manager, Accountant, Insurance Broker and more)
  7. Ongoing coaching & mentoring 


We also work with strategic partners to gain clarity on obtaining finance, financial planning, legal considerations, tax processes, property sourcing and project management of the entire build process. The end of the build process includes the coordination of building inspections, insurances, property manager, depreciation report etc. Literally every key service that anyone needs to successfully acquire a property. thru

The general rule of thumb is that you’ll need around $85K of either cash or equity to get started in property investing. This amount will allow you to acquire a $600k brand-new property and cover the 10% deposit and all the associated costs that come with it (stamp duty, lender’s mortgage insurance and legal fees).

Once our Property Coaches have conducted your first free 20-minute consultation, where you can discuss your specific needs, they’ll be able to determine your borrowing capacity and outline a plan that fits your personal strategy. 

We offer the same services for civilians.  Check out our free property training on “How to avoid the 30-year-mortgage trap”.

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Are you looking for more information on DHOAS, HPAS & HPSEA? In our free property training, we explain not only WHAT the ADF Housing Entitlements are, but HOW to use them.

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We offer free property education webinars, as well as one-on-one property coaching to help clarify your personal situation and make a plan to achieve your goals.

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