DHOAS Deadlines

Too many people are missing out on or not using their DHOAS entitlements properly. Understanding the deadlines and lifespan of your Housing Entitlements is crucial to making the most of them and securing your financial future. 

Getting your DHOAS Certificate on time

One of the biggest bugbears of DHOAS is people not getting their certificate after they discharge, even though you have up to five years from when you discharge to getting that certificate – it only has a 12-month lifespan on it.

How do people maintain their DHOAS payments after they discharge? 

20 days is your magic number (for reserves). If you maintain your 20 days in the active Reserves, you will keep ticking up your DHOAS, and on it will go. If you don’t do that, you will just take your credit and it will slowly decline until you run out.

Make sure you max-out your benefits 

There have been lots of people out there that have done 10 years after they’ve gotten out of the military, and they’re like, “Sweet, where’s my DHOAS now?” 

Guess what? You need to get your paperwork together within 5 years of getting out of the military. If you don’t do 20 years, you’re going to revert back to tier one and it will get paid out at that. Even though you’ve passed up into tier three, you need to go over 20 years to maintain that.

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DHOAS For Beginners

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