how when to use your dhoas explained

DHOAS Explained

By far the number one ADF Housing Entitlements we get asked most about is DHOAS. But that means there are also a lot of misconceptions out there regarding it. 

On Coach Talk this week Robbie breaks down the most relevant and up to date information regarding the subsidy and the tiers.


– Hey it’s Robbie here from Axon Property Group. By far the number one ADF Housing Entitlement that we get asked about all the time is all about DHOAS. Give me a couple of minutes of your time right now and I’ll go through it for you.

So the DHOAS is all about your Defence Home Ownership Assistance Scheme. What it talks about there is, is it’s for current and former ADF Members to achieve your own home ownership. This is not to do with investment properties. It’s all about your own home only. You must have served within the last five years which came into effect on June, 2020. So there was a DEFGRAM which was released which effectively and I wish you to then still access your DHOAS has even after you get out after five years. If you do have a break of service, go out try the civie world come back in again, that might have implications as far as how long you can have your DHOAS for. Now did you know that the average house price in Australia actually determines the subsidized loan limits?

So as of the 1st of July, 2020 which is the current financial year, the average house price in Australia was $750,000 which is actually up by about $30,000 from the year before. And as you can see down the side here, tier one, two and three is 40%, 60% and 80% respectively of the average house price. Let me just give you a quick little snapshot of what that means. So permanent service, reserve service respectively. Let me just talk about permanent service. For tier one, you need to have done four years’ service. The maximum loan amount could be about 300,000 and you’ll get about 200 bucks a month. For tier two, you must have done eight years’ minimum service. The maximum loan amounts will be about $450,000 and you get almost 300 bucks a month. For tier three which is when we think you get maximum benefit from your DHOAS, you must have served the minimum of 12 years.

You can get a maximumised loan of up to $600,000 and you get nearly 400 bucks a month. So nothing to be sneezed at there. There are only three providers as far as that goes. You’ve got the Defence Bank, the Australian Military Bank and the National Australia Bank. The maximum of 20 years though has subsidy at tier three. You get about $95,000 coming your way. You do get an initial five years with any war-like service that you have undertaken as well. But just the quick little word of caution, it does revert back to tier 1 if you do less than 20 years. So if you do wanna get the maximum amount of DHOAS, make sure you stick around for more than 20 years. There you go. There’s this quick little snapshot, three or four minutes as far as what DHOAS can bring into your life.


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