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What Do Good Property Investors Buy?

man sitting back the money is coming in as he just sits back and waits on time

A thought-provoking question I ask the attendees of my webinars is to always complete the sentence:

 “Good property investors don’t just buy property, they buy…”

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The answers always vary between:

“They buy assets, freedom, options, choices, cash flow and feeling good about what they are doing in their life.”

Yes of course successful property investing allows you to buy all of those things. But good property investors do not just buy property – They buy TIME. By that I mean, they buy time to hold those properties in the right market, to allow the market to do its work and have the property go up in value. For your property investing to be successful, you need two very important elements to your investing plan very clear.
1/ You must have the right STRATEGY in place; and
2/ you must operate that property under the right STRUCTURE.
Strategy is what types of properties (new properties, old properties, land-banking, units, houses etc).  Structure is how that property is operated within your portfolio (gearing, cash flow, tax implications, trusts etc).
Because you could identify the perfect property sitting in the perfect market, but if you are unable to hold that property under the right structure, you will be forced to dispose of it and miss out on the potential wealth creation of that (perfect) property.  All of us have heard a story about someone who should have held onto a property but they had to sell for whatever reason.  Clearly they were not able to buy time, and they have lost out on the long run (think about those people that were forced to sell a property in Sydney or Melboune within the last 5 years!
This is one of my tried and tested property investment coaching philosophies.  Good property investors do not just buy property, assets, freedom, or retirement. They buy TIME.

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Noting the above, how does this affect you?
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