Axon Unleashed Podcast: Lessons Learned from the Australian Defence Force


Axons are part of the neuro-transmission system in the brain… they carry the spark between the neurons to fire the body into action!

The Axons Unleashed Podcast will get your Axons fired up by our hosts Robbie, Tamara, Dan and Dane as they uncover the untold truths of what it really takes to successfully transition from the ADF, how to build a multi-million-dollar property portfolio, how to start a business as a veteran entrepreneur and how to more effectively communicate with your partner… while optimising your personal performance in every aspect of your life.

One of our favourite things about the team at Axon is just how many veterans we are able to employ. 

In the final episode of Season 1, the team talk about the traits that come with that, the environment and culture in Axon, and also the changes that are needed, especially from a leadership perspective.

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