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It’s Mental Health Week and in honour we’re back to get your Axons fired up with some super special episodes of Axons Unleashed, focusing on mental health and how we can help our veterans in every aspect of their lives.

Episode 24: Health from PTSD & Trauma – with Weston H Hennessey

Delve deeper into the moments of a SOCOMD member as Robbie, Dave and Adam share their emotional stories with the one and only Weston H Hennessey. They cover how 9/11 changed the world, transitioning from the ADF as well as how H himself dealt with PTSD & trauma of service. 

Episode 25: Transitioning out of the ADF Before You’re Ready – with Renee Macartney 

Meet Renee, as she bravely tells us her emotionally charged transition story. Learn about how the sudden fork in the road affected Renee’s life and how she dealt with her mental health whilst still recovering from her injuries. 

Episode 29: Every Member of the Defence Community Needs to Listen to This!

In Robbie’s own words: “why did I not hear this stuff when I separated from the ADF 8 years ago?” 

In what is his first appearance on Axons Unleashed, National Manager of Psychology at Soldier On, Joe Losinno joins for a mind-blowing conversation as he breaks down his military career and eventual separation. This is a must listen for anyone wanting to better understand the psychological processes involved with the ADF – as he explains the processes and behaviours that will resonate with all of you.

Episode 30: The Power of Dogs: with Angie Weeks from PTSD Dogs Australia

When Defence Partner Angie Weeks, decided to commit herself to supporting veterans and emergency services workers to combat the effects of PTSD, she knew the best and only way to do that… was through the power of the human connection with dogs with PTSD Dogs Australia

Together with RT & Dave (listen to his emotional episode here) they share their own experiences of healing thanks to the presence of canines and what else we can all do to spread the message about PTSD.

Episode 31: Transitioning Successfully to Help Others – with Hugh Allen from Mates4Mates

Robbie sits down for an amazing one-on-one chat with Hugh Allen, a Liaison Officer from Mates4Mates. Hugh has recently been discharged from the RAAF and now he’s here to talk about his own soft-landing into a charity that supports the veteran community. 

As Robbie discovered, Mates4Mates is doing incredible work across a wide range of social activities and clinical recovery programs geared for veterans.

Episode 33: Only Looking to the Past When it Serves You – with Ben Jefferson 

We were lucky enough to be joined for a special after-hours chat with a client-turned-mate, Ben Jefferson. Ben bravely dives into a candid talk about his time in the ADF, his transition and the healing process he has worked on every day since “getting out”

Important: If you’re in need of resources or support, go to beyondblue.org or for 24-hour free counseling in Australia. 

Episode 34: How Do We ‘Meet The Moment’ – with Joe Losinno & Dan Vincent from Soldier On


Returning guest Joe Lossino, Head of Psychology at Soldier On is back for another candid chat about mental health – and this time he’s joined by Dan Vincent, the soon-to-be Director of Health & Wellbeing at Soldier On.

Together with RT, our hosts talk about a topic very close to Axon, veteran employment. They also discuss why you should reach out to an ESO, whilst you’re still serving, to make your eventual transition that much easier.

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