How to AVOID the 30 Year Mortgage Trap!

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About the presenters

Robbie Turner and Dan Irwin make up the Property Coaching Team at Axon Property Group. They are both highly passionate and enthusiastic property investors that come from substantial military backgrounds.

Of our 10 Veterans in the business, we have a combined 114+ years of service (including over 24 deployments). Of note, their ADF service is complemented by over 80 years of property experience.

I’m sure you’d agree, this makes Axon Australia’s most elite property coaching business.

Incorporating his expertise in property investment alongside his experience in the ADF, Robbie founded Axon Property Group and created The Commando Approach to Property Investing. This is a special property investment method that includes a focus on training & mindset; real-time planning based on sound research and intelligence briefings; implementing risk management strategies before we need them and only working with the very best partners and associates.