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How To AVOID the 30 Year Mortgage Trap

How to Avoid the 30 Year Mortgage Trap

Investing in property is one of the biggest and best tools for wealth creation, yet choosing the wrong property or not using the right strategies can cost you enormously. Unfortunately none of us were taught property investment in school, so it is vital now to make sure you have the education, mindset and strategy in place so that your money works hardest for you.

In this special recording, we share how everyday people can get ahead using property, whilst avoiding getting stuck in a 30 year mortgage trap.

About the authors:

Robbie Turner, Dan Irwin & David Simpson make up the Property Coaching Team at Axon Property Group. They are both highly passionate and enthusiastic property investors that come from substantial military backgrounds. After a combined almost 94 years in the Australian Army (including 15 deployments to East Timor, Solomon Islands, Afghanistan, Kuwait and Iraq), Robbie & Dan both completed their service as Major's and David completed as a WO2.

Incorporating his expertise in property investment alongside his experience in the ADF, Robbie founded Axon Property Group and created The Commando Approach to Property Investing. This is a special property investment method that includes a focus on training & mindset; real-time planning based on sound research and intelligence briefings; implementing risk management strategies before we need them and only working with the very best partners and associates.

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