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Our Property Investment Services

We can help you, wherever you are in your property investing journey!

Are you a first-time property investor, or looking for property investment mentoring?

At Axon Property Group, we pride ourselves on providing high-quality property investment mentoring and education with our unique Commando approach to property investing.

If you’re looking to retire early, create financial security or enjoy a passive income, we’re here to help you achieve your financial goals.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a first-time property investor looking to get into the market, or an investor already in action, we can help you with your property portfolio and provide you with the education and mentoring you need to succeed.

Your Property Investment Journey


It all starts with your education. Sadly, a lot of first-time investors don't have the education to make informed decisions that will ultimately affect their financial future. It all starts by investing in your education first. We provide years of industry experience, research and resources which we want to share with you!

Make a plan

It's important not to lose sight of your goals. If you’re serious about achieving financial success then you need to have a clear goal in place, with the right support to help you and guide you along the way. That's where we can provide you with expertise guidance to ensure you stay on track to achieving your goals. If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.

Strategise and focus

We're here to help you create the best financial plan and strategy customised for you. Feeling confident and protected from the risks associated with property investment is important, especially for your peace of mind. We have confidence in our tried and tested property investment strategy that has helped 100s of other investors create wealth.

Cash flow & Finance

Understanding and effectively setting up your cash flow is crucial to your success. We can help you clearly understand your financial system by providing you with visuals on how your cash flow and finance should be set up for maximum benefit.

Property Type & Location

Select the wrong property at the wrong time in the wrong location and you've created yourself a setback. It's a risk worth avoiding. We carefully hand-pick some of the best properties with statistics and data to back it up to ensure it's a fit for you.

Mentoring & Support

From the beginning of your journey through to handover, you'll have our guidance so you'll never feel overwhelmed and alone. We'll assist you to manage and grow your portfolio, keeping you informed on prices and industry knowledge.

Are you a first-time property investor?

Are you a property investor taking action?

“By going into property investing blindfolded you’re taking a risk and increasing the likelihood of making a mistake which could cost you thousands in the years to come.”

Robbie Turner, Property Investment Coach & Managing Director