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Subsidy Tiers for 2023 to 2024

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The subsidy estimate is based on the latest available data and may vary with interest rate changes.

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Subsidy TierMinimum Permanent ServiceMinimum Reserve ServiceSubsidised Loan AmountMaximum Monthly Subsidy*
12 Years4 Years$364,916up to $532
24 Years8 Years$547,373up to $798
38 Years12 Years$729,831up to $1,064

* Estimated monthly subsidy values based on the May 2024 median interest rate. These monthly subsidy values fluctuate based on changes in the median interest rate.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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The DHOAS Subsidy Calculator is designed to give you an estimate of your potential subsidy amount based on your home loan balance and tier level. Enter your DHOAS home loan balance without using dollar signs or decimal points (e.g., 150000 for $150,000) and select your tier level. You can toggle between monthly and annually to view your subsidy amount. For tier specifics, refer to the accompanying table below.

To qualify for the Defence Home Ownership Assistance Scheme (DHOAS), you must be a current or former member of the Australian Defence Force (ADF) who served on or after 1 July 2008. Qualification also depends on completing a minimum period of service—two years for permanent ADF members and four years for Reserve service—and accruing sufficient entitlement. The scheme is designed to help ADF members and their families achieve homeownership by subsidising their home loan repayments. For specific inquiries about your entitlement, you can reach out via the Contact Us section of our website or email

The subsidy amount calculated by our DHOAS Subsidy Calculator already considers the most up-to-date median interest rates, so you don’t need to input an interest rate yourself. The calculator is updated monthly to reflect any changes in the median interest rates, ensuring that the subsidy amount you see is accurate and current.

DHOAS stands for the Defence Home Ownership Assistance Scheme. It’s a government initiative aimed at helping current and former Australian Defence Force members to buy their own homes. The scheme offers a monthly subsidy towards the mortgage repayments of those who qualify, based on their length of service and other eligibility criteria.

The amount of your DHOAS subsidy is a percentage of the average house price (AHP), divided into three tiers based on your service length: 40% for Tier 1, 60% for Tier 2, and 80% for Tier 3. The current AHP and median interest rates are used to estimate your monthly subsidy, which is updated regularly to reflect market changes.

The duration you can receive the DHOAS subsidy is directly related to your length of service in the ADF. The longer you serve, the more entitlement you accrue, and the longer you can receive the subsidy. After meeting the initial eligibility criteria, you can continue to receive the subsidy as long as you occupy the home and hold a valid subsidy certificate.

If both you and your partner are serving or have served in the ADF and meet the eligibility criteria for DHOAS, you may be entitled to a combined subsidy for a loan up to $1,094,746 (twice the maximum loan amount for a single ADF member). This means you could receive a monthly allowance of $1,608 (2 x $804), significantly reducing your monthly home loan repayments. It’s a great benefit that recognises the combined service and sacrifice of military couples.

Veterans who served on or after 1 July 2008 can access the scheme at any point after leaving the service, thanks to recent expansions. This change removes the previous five-year cap, making it easier for veterans to benefit from DHOAS.

Subsidy rates change monthly and the Average House Price (AHP) is determined annually at the end of the financial year. Our calculator integrates these updates monthly and annually to ensure the subsidy amount you see is based on the latest data and reflect current market conditions.

Under specific circumstances, you may opt for a lump sum payment of your subsidy, converting up to four years of service into a one-time payment. This option can be particularly advantageous for advancing your housing goals or as a significant contribution to your home loan.

DHOAS loans are available through three approved providers, each offering different loan options to suit various needs. Consider factors such as loan rates, flexibility, and additional benefits. Axon’s property coaches can assist you in selecting the provider that best meets your requirements.

For more detailed inquiries or assistance with your specific situation, you can reach out via the contact us section on our website or email We’re here to help guide you through the DHOAS process and ensure you maximise your entitlement.