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There is a regular saying in the Axon office, “The tail doesn’t wag the dog!” For us that means that your ADF Housing Entitlements (HPAS and DHOAS) aren’t the strategy drivers, rather they are just the supporting element that needs to be synchronised to deliver the maximum effect.   

Take the subject of today’s success story as an example… at the time of introduction to Axon he was a 25yo Telecommunications Technician based in SE-QLD. 

He’d been saving very diligently (supported by deployments) for a few years now and was in a very strong position to get started buying his own home. Given his location, he was a perfect example of how to use some of his entitlements to best effect. 

Investment Property Success Story Details: 

  • Purchase price: $554,000 (Secured July 2020)
  • Deposit contributed: 20% deposit (~$110K) + stamp duty ($2.8K) + loan establishment fee ($500) + solicitor fees ($2,000) = $116K
  • Entitlements gained: HPAS (~$11K) + QLD FHOG ($15K) + HomeBuilder Grant ($25K) = $51K

*Note: There is no DHOAS used here. Why?

Because at the time our plan told us that we needed the full panel of lenders that a mortgage broker can provide, not be restricted to one or two DHOAS provider options only. Remember that we were all still learning to deal with Covid-19 lockdowns when this was all happening, so flexibility was a necessity! 

  • Settlement: 12 November 2020
  • Construction start: 25 November 2020
  • Handover date: 2 June 2021
  • Bank valuation at completion: $610,000 ($56,000 growth in less than 12 months)
  • Mortgage repayments: $382 per week in P&I repayments with a optimised blend of variable and fixed rates loans.

This client has now made a successful transition out of the ADF (CONGRATULATIONS!!) so they have 5 years from their discharge date to transfer across to a DHOAS loan. This refinance will all be facilitated by the Axon team or he will soon be able to use the equity in this property to go and buy property #2

What do you think his next move will be – stay in this home and invest, or turn this into an investment property and move onto his next PPOR? 

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ADF Housing: Investment Property Success Story #92

This is a success story that emulates the changing circumstances of life many of us go through…

BLUF: Katie has recently refinanced this amazing investment property to her name, even though she and her previous partner, Ben, built 🏗️ the house as a couple.

After being referred to us by Laura (last week’s success story!), Katie and Ben came to Axon in April 2021. They were both Navy members, living in Sydney and in their early 20’s.

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ADF Housing: Investment Property Success Story #91

Ben is a Veteran (ex-Army Engineer, working ✈️ FIFO in the WA mining sector), and Laura is a 🚢 Navy Officer. Living in Sydney with their 2 kids, they actually came to Axon way back in May 2020.

After being coached IAW the Axon model, Ben and Laura built their first property with us in 2021. That property is located in a master-planned community in SEQLD and has risen in value > $250K, with plenty more growth to come! 🙌 It was named IP#2, as they came to us with an investment property in Darwin that they had bought in 2015

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ADF Housing: Investment Property Success Story #90

This is one hell of a bitter-sweet success story… keep reading this one. I’ll take you on a journey!
Justin has served 16 years in the Army. Cat, a veteran herself, is a superstar mum and she is a weapon medical receptionist. Justin pulled the trigger on his ADF housing entitlements back in 2013 when he was posted to Enoggera. That property, in a blue-chip area of North Brisbane, performed very well for them.

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ADF Housing: Investment Property Success Story #89

This is a success story like no other… these superstar clients are at the top of the Axon pile regarding the number of properties acquired using our services. 🎉 You have read about their evolving portfolio over the years, and here we are showing you IP#4. Number 4!

Approx. 12 months ago, I completed the success story for IP#3 with this: “Looking ahead, Aaron and Meggan have commenced the build for IP#4. Aaron is on a ship for the next 5 months, so Meggan will do this build with Axon solo. They have already secured an EOI for IP#5. Once these houses are sitting in the market, they’ll likely start a family.”

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ADF Housing: Investment Property Success Story #88

Chris and Erin first came to us back in Oct 2021. One of Axon’s previous team members (Adam) sent them our way, which we are very grateful for. 🥲 As you know, the Defence community is very small and everyone knows someone…

Both serving in the Army, they were living in Sydney. Chris was providing expert signal capabilities at Holsworthy, and Erin was a weapon Clerk (on MAT Leave at the time). They had IP#1 already, a unit in Liverpool, which was Erin’s own home from 2017. Chris had already commenced scoping 🔭 for jobs to support his likely separation from the ADF. He said something like, I can’t go back to normal Army after serving down here for the last few years. Yep, that sentiment certainly resonated with me!

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ADF Housing: Investment Property Success Story #87

We first met Luke and Anika in back Sept 2021. I’ll jump straight to now and let you know a LOT has happened since our first meeting – let me take you on their journey…

Situation: They’re living in Brisbane, Luke was in the Army, with 15 years under his belt. He was attempting to transfer to the RAAF. Anika is a Registered Nurse, specialising in Midwifery. They’re married with no kids, yet ‘family planning’ is underway.

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