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Welcome to the final success story of 2021. As you’d agree, there have been some stellar properties and I can only hope you’ve all loved the stories that accompany each client’s experience with us!

This couple is made up of a RAEME member at Enoggera, and she was a Centre Manager in the Northern suburbs of Brisbane. They first reached out to Axon in July 2020. They had a good amount of capital set aside to commence investing in property after being smart with their money habits over the preceding years.

They were happy in their current service residence, so we decided to park their ADF housing entitlements, and focus on securing a premium investment property (outside of the DHA radius…) in Brisbane.

Investment Property Success Story Details:

We are stoked to be a part of their journey as we look to plan out the next few years for them so they can capitalise on this great outcome of their stellar property they found and built through Axon. Congrats to all involved.
What comes to mind for you when you take in this success story.
Rest assured, we will be back with LOADS of brand-new success stories in 2022 and beyond. We are currently managing the build of over 100 properties for our amazing Defence community, with PLENTY more to come in 2022.
Are there some delays and supply issues along the way? Yes. Is every single one of our clients reaping the rewards of the rising property market right now? You bet.
If you have not started your property portfolio yet, 2022 could be your year

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Meet the Axon Team

Meet The Axon Team – Shania

Meet Shania on this week’s Meet the Team. She delivers administrative support to our Property Specialist’s and acts as a point of contact for clients in terms of providing updates on the progress of finance and land registration.

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ADF Investment Property Success Story

ADF Housing: Investment Property Success Story #30

Just two years on, their PPOR has risen in value by ~$200K even after buying it for ‘lifestyle reasons’ rather than ‘wealth creation’ reasons. Not only have they enjoyed the experience of building 2 houses, but the accompanying $370K of net growth over the 2 properties is also a stellar result!

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