ADF Housing Investment Property: Success Story #15

Now, this success story is exciting and a lesson in focus and determination to achieve the end state, no matter what life throws at you! 

The Planning Process:

We originally sat down with these clients in Feb 2019, yes 3 years ago! He was in the RAAF at AMB in Brisbane, his wife was not in the workforce; rather she was looking after their 4yo daughter at home. 

They had been very diligent with their money, with over $100K saved. We put a plan together for them to acquire their first investment property. EOI submitted on 15 May 19 – and we are away! $490K package in a fast-growing region of SEQLD.

However, life got in the way (he was pulled from pillar-to-post with short-notice ADF taskings and courses, so the timing was not right for them to proceed). Withdraw EOI, get the deposit refunded and press pause. Remember, our life priorities always supersede our property endeavours.

Then in mid-2020, we identified another opportunity for them to try again. EOI down for a $515K package, including solar, with a predicted rent return of $480pw (which is good rental yield). It was a very similar package to EOI #1, still in the same region, but not in the same estate.

Luckily the pause we had to have in late-2019 only caused them to pay ~$25K more by mid-2020. It could have been worse.

Investment Property Success Story Details:

  • Purchase price: $515K (comparable packages are now selling for approx. $700K!!)
  • Build complete: Mid-2021
  • Actual rent achieved: $560pw (this is awesome rental yield!), with comparable rents NOW, over $600pw… how good?!

What Now?

As you can see, their belief in the area we directed them to, and a laser-like focus on getting their first investment property, no matter the false starts, has really paid off.

Now posted to RAAF RICH in Sydney, and with a second child in their clan, we have put a macro strategy around when investment property #2 will transpire. Sure, this will include the wife going back to work part-time… but that’s a relatively small contribution to rinse-and-repeat the outcome above.

Tell us what you think of this success story – I bet so many of you can relate to this!

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