Success Story - #IP1

Welcome to another great success story! This young Army guy posted to Sydney came to us around 12 months ago with over $100K saved in the bank after implementing great money habits over the past few years. He knew he needed to make that money work for him, but he had virtually no idea how to get started (which is completely normal).ย Enter Axon!ย  So we put a plan and strategy together for him to acquire his first investment property over the last 12 months. It was completed only a few weeks ago. What you’re seeing here is the outcome. Check out the floor plan. Check out the finish. Check out the size of the backyard. Check out the acquisition numbers he needed to get to land settlement and property completion. * Property: $555,500 (FIXED price, FULL turn-key) * Rent forecast at EOI: $500pw * Actual Rent: $540pw * Estimated value now: $600K+ After a hands-off and hassle-free build experience, the proud owner of this investment has already started the acquisition process for IP#2. Once IP#2ย is complete, he will be 26yo and have a great property portfolio worth over $1mil. What a terrific outcome for a great bloke. Congrats to all involved! Let us know what you think of this success story ๐Ÿ™‚