Success Story - #IP2

Welcome to another ripper Success Story!

This young Army IT Technician, posted to Enoggera in Brisbane, came to us 12 months ago. He had approx $120K in savings – clearly, very good with his money habits!

With a future posting to Canberra in a couple of years, after watching our free training video, he realised the time was right to pull the trigger and take advantage of the various Govt and ADF grants that were at his disposal to build his first home to live in – a total of $51K!!

Importantly, this is not his forever home, just a VFG one, located in a top spot, to get the grants! However, he had no idea how to stitch it all together.

So we put a plan together for him and mapped it all out. (I have included a snapshot of his sync matrix so you can see how we apply ADF planning techniques to successful property acquisitions). What you’re seeing here is the terrific outcome that we all achieved as a team!

* Property: $549K (The EXACT properties are now selling for approx. $650K)
* HPAS: $11K (after tax)
* QLD FHOG: $15K (paid at slab stage)
* Federal Govt Home Builder Grant: $25K (paid at slab stage)
* With his excellent savings and the above free cash, he did a 20% deposit and costs – I have included those estimates for you. That saves another $10K in LMI.

As you can see by the images, this property is located ‘inside the wire’ of Brisbane’s Northern growth corridor. This is perfect for ADF members posted to Enoggera.

Looking ahead, this property will be turned into an investment property next year. Then the tenant, tax man and solar rebate will easily pay the mortgage and all of the yearly expenses… the ultimate ‘self-licking ice cream!’
We are currently planning for this amazing Axon member to get cracking with his 2nd property!
Congrats to all involved!
Let us know what you think of this story 🙂