Success Story IP#4

Show me the money! These Axon members came to us in the height of COVID uncertainty, wanting to put a plan together and enter the property market. As the nay-sayers painted the media with house prices declining, these members, one a Structural Technician in the ARMY the other is a Combat Engineer in the ARMY and the other working in Administration, followed the systematic Axon process and have benefited with unbelievable results.

With the support of the Axon team, they have built a property on the other side of the country. Not to stop there, they have already taken up their Axon Success Package for their next property – with the consensus it was ‘easy as’.

Here are the details:

  • Purchase price: $526K
  • Date secured: 12/08/2020
  • Settlement date: 10/11/2020
  • Handover date: 3/08/2021
  • Tenant Found: 11/08/2021
  • Estimated current value: $610K (confirmed bank valuation for equity release – a cheeky $84K)
  • Rent Return: $575 per week

This property is located in a BOOMING location – with the clients already having equity immediately available for their next acquisition and a rent return that, when combined with his tax return, will see this property paying itself off for the foreseeable future. 

Talk about hitting the sweet spot – with a plan already in place for round 2, the clients are over the moon with the result. Let’s do this!

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