ADF Housing: Investment Property Success Story #9

When we first met this terrific young couple about 18 months ago, they were in Townsville. He was serving as an Army Aircrew-man and she was a civilian medical receptionist. After speaking with numerous professionals since receiving a substantial inheritance, they were frustrated with not finding a genuine connection with any of them. Enter Axon! 
The Planning Process:
The first part of the initial coaching session with Robbie included folded arms from them, short answers, and the conversation was very transactional. Noting their past experiences, they were protecting themselves. Fair enough too.
Eventually, they became more and more comfortable with the way Axon puts a plan together in a caring and purposeful way… needless to say by the end of the second coaching session, the environment was all smiles and laughter, with a focus on getting started with their first investment property.
What you’re seeing here is the outcome of IP#1, which is located in one of SEQLD’s fastest-growing regions! It’s a brand new, 2-storey ‘terrace home’. Land and build, free-hold property. Nobody corporate, and located right across from a massive community park.
Investment Property Success Story Details: 
  • Property: $500,850 (Like properties are now selling for $600K!)
  • Rental forecast at EOI stage: $470pw (actual rent: $560pw!)
These numbers equal a positively-geared investment right from the get-go (aka the self-licking-icecream!)
As you can see, this floor plan is versatile and practical and the finishes are beautiful. It’s little wonder why a tenant snapped it up at the first opportunity (the same day as key handover).

 What Now?

Looking ahead, these amazing Axon members have already commenced the process of building IP#2 by dropping an EOI on a block in a different location. They thought this next property would take place around 3 years after IP#1…it was only 18 months! Why? Because they took a punt on how Axon does things and got an amazing result.
We are stoked to be a part of their journey and their future selves will bloody love them for what they’re doing in the here and now! Congrats to all involved.
PS: we actually reference this ADF member in a recent podcast episode as he and his partner are now living in Wagga (he is a recruit instructor at Kapooka).

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