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What You Need to Know Before Using Equity For Property Investment

Home-Equity Loan form and documents on a table.

There are several benefits to home loans, such as making it easy and affordable to buy a home even when the market isn’t great. But there are risks involving property investment, and one of them is equity loans. Home loans have always been thought to appear riskier when equity is involved. The classic scenario is raising…

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7 Property Investment Strategies to Avoid at All Costs

Where To Invest text with business woman using a tablet

Are you a property investor feeling like you’re getting nowhere? Or are you new to the industry in need of guidance? Property investors often fail due to a lack of solid property investment strategies. Worse still, they spend time and money focusing on the wrong investments. Success often comes after many trials and errors. But…

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The Top Predictions For the Australian Property Market

Property for sale and rent in Australia concept, 3D rendering

It’s been long said that property is the best investment. And despite dips in the global economy, that remains (mostly) true. But things move fast in the Australian property market. If you want to be successful, you’re going to stay on top of the trends. In this article, we’re taking a look at where the market…

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