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The Commando Property Method

The Commando Property Method

After 24 years in the military, Robbie took what he learnt and created “The Commando Property Method”.

What exactly is “The Commando Property Method”? Robbie breaks down the whole concept and each aspect of how having a proper plan and coaching can lead you to the best chance of success. #axoncoachtalk


Hi, it's Robbie here from Axon Property Group.

After spending 24 years in the military and 11 years of those as a commando officer, I've created what we call the Commando Approach to Property Investing. Even if you're buying your own home and you think you're not property investing, unless you're buying your dream and your forever home, you're probably going to move out of that home. So it will become an investment property one day.

The tenets of the successful Commando Approach to Property Investing is having the right mindset. Make sure your axons are working properly. Doing the right level of planning. Embracing risk management upfront, so when you do decide to take action, you give yourself the best chance of being successful.

So from a military appreciation planning process, we've got the Commando Property Method, Purpose, Method, End State. That'll be familiar to some of you. And I guess it starts in the middle here. You've got to have the right strategy in place. Then you've got to start talking about the finance and the accountant. So rent return and tax return for an investment property.

Once you've got those things nailed down, we can start to expand a little bit more. You learn about the process involved. Then you learn about the risks involved. We do this before we even go shopping for a property. I guess we're trying to make ourselves bulletproof from a knowledge is power perspective. Then we talk about the location. Then we actually go ahead and identify the property. We project manage the build for you. You put your insurances in place and find the tenants, et cetera, et cetera.

So that basically makes up the overall Purpose, Method, End State of how to be a successful property investor. And, oh, by the way, you've got a bunch of veterans, led by me, that's already on your team.


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