What is The Defence Home Ownership Assistance Scheme and How Can I Use it to Buy a Home? 

Of all the current ADF Housing Entitlements DHOAS is by far the one we get asked about the most. Property Coach Dane & Property Specialist Expert Dave break down in detail the most up to date information and numbers around DHOAS.

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The Defence Home Ownership Assistance Scheme was designed to achieve two aims within the ADF – help you and your family achieve home ownership; and to improve recruitment/retention. Fortunately for many of you, this means that you are able to service your loan easier. 

A DHOAS loan subsidises your home loan, for an amount and period of time-based on how long you serve. As of 2021, it contributes a monthly amount between $192 and $385 to your loan. Not bad for just being an eligible ADF member, right? The amount you are entitled to receive varies, based on a three-tier system – as seen in the table below and very importantly, you can apply for your final DHOAS certificate up to 5 years after discharge (keep that in mind for later…)

The Australian Average House Price (AHP) is used to determine the subsidised loan limits under the three tiers. Each tier’s subsidised loan limit represents a percentage of the AHP, as shown here:
● Tier 1, is 40% of the AHP
● Tier 2, is 60% of the AHP
● Tier 3, is 80% of the AHP – maximum benefit!

DHOAS Subsidy Tiers Explained

Now, this number has changed just recently, as of June just last year. You must’ve served within the last five years, that used to only be two years. 

The minimum permanent service is four years, eight years for tier two, 12 years for tier three. And then our reserve brothers and sisters there, unfortunately, you do get a shafted a little bit. Eight years for the qualifying period for tier one, 12 years and then 16 years for tier two and three. When we’re talking about how much you can actually have subsidised, this is what we see in this subsidised loan amount.  

The most amount of money you can buy is going to be determined by the lender, by the banks, based on your personal circumstances. These figures here just tell you the maximum amount you’re going to receive a subsidy on.



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